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Tracking The Tiangong Space Station

The Supercluster App,Tiangong
The Supercluster Team
February 14, 202311:00 AM UTC (UTC +0)

We've been hard at work on new features for the Supercluster App.

The first major update this year is the inclusion of the Chinese Space Station, the Tiangong. We've seen increased orbital traffic as China builds out their station, with a regular crew of astronauts, and it's a sign of the science fiction times we're living through that we've been (happily) forced to expand our space station tracking functionality.

Along with adding the Tiangong we'll now also be tracking "Arrivals and Departures" from both stations through a new "Timetable" function for crew rotations and cargo resupplies. 

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You can also toggle back and forth from the ISS to Tiangong to see their relative positions over Earth through our mini map. And of course the Tiangong fully integrates with the Astronaut Database. 

Moving forward we will include relevant information for all craft docking to the Tiangong, just as we have for the ISS. As points of interest, experiments, or advances are made with specific craft we'll highlight those milestones as well.

The Supercluster App is available free for all space fans on iOS and Android:

And as always please, send any suggestions or comments to the Supercluster team at Feedback, criticisms and ideas for new features from the community have helped make the Supercluster App what it is today.

The Supercluster Team
February 14, 202311:00 AM UTC (UTC +0)