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In Photos: The Alien World of Pine Bush, NY

The Supercluster team returned to the UFO capitol of the world, Pine Bush, NY. This time, we were in the trenches with the true believers.

June 18, 2024

Starship Super Heavy Achieved Ocean Landings. Mechazilla is Next.

Flight 4 provided SpaceX teams with ample data, which they called the "payload" of the test, to drive improvements needed to achieve Starship's lofty goals, set by SpaceX, NASA, and the United States, to land astronauts on the Moon under the Artemis Program. It also validated SpaceX’s controversial choice of stainless steel over lighter carbon composites.

June 11, 2024

A Moving Frequency: Cosmic Art Exhibit Comes to New York

Cyrielle Gulacsy, born in Paris in 1994, is an artist whose work is currently rooted in the realm of astronomy and astrophysics, subjects of great interest to her. Gulacsy explores and interprets complex scientific concepts like spacetime, electromagnetism, and the diffraction of light, in an effort to help others appreciate the astonishing mechanisms behind reality.

May 28, 2024

Starliner Remains Parked as Boeing Faces Further Engineering Challenges

Boeing and its customer, NASA, are now dealing with a helium leak from one of Starliner's reaction control system thrusters in the spacecraft’s service module. Starliner was scheduled for its first crewed flight on May 6th, but was called off due to an issue with a pressure valve on the Atlas rocket's upper stage. It's not clear when this vehicle will launch astronauts.

May 21, 2024

India is Rapidly Advancing Toward Achieving Human Spaceflight

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled the country’s first astronauts with a plan to launch them in 2025, and with the ultimate hope of future Indian crews reaching the moon by 2040.

May 14, 2024

The Battle to Reverse the European Space Agency's Diplomatic Immunity

A recent court decision could create a crack in ESA’s seemingly impenetrable legal shell, which has for decades protected this European counterpart to NASA from external scrutiny. The battle, however, is not yet won as the taxpayer-funded agency, with an annual budget of more than 7 billion euro, has appealed against the decision in the Paris Supreme Court.

April 30, 2024