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Not Safety Rated For Vacuum

January 7, 20197:00 PM UTC (UTC +0)

There's a lot of gear that goes into space travel, and a lot of it looks pretty cool. But it's mostly hard to grab if you're not an astronaut. That's why we've got our team of scientists working round the clock to faithfully reproduce space artifacts and design space inspired apparel.

Because we love space as much as you do. And we're not afraid to wear it on our sleeve. Or on our coffee table.

Here are some future product launches we've got planned.

We're releasing patch packs inspired by astronaut flight suits. Our first set includes a remix of the classic Soyuz 'Handshake' patch, as well as two original designs.

We're also developing coasters inspired by the Thermal Protection System from NASA's Space Shuttle.

Both of these products will be available for purchase shortly, and we've got many more releases planned. Including a portable black hole. So stay tuned.

And of course, we have to warn you, don't use anything on the shop in space. Unless you know what you're doing. In which case, pics or it didn't happen.

January 7, 20197:00 PM UTC (UTC +0)