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Meet the Town of Pine Bush, UFO Capital of the World

UFOs,Aliens,Small towns
Levi Christiansen
Michael Stone
June 10, 20197:05 PM UTC (UTC +0)

“Pine Bush is just one of the areas that’s a little different than every place else. And I think that’s what brings the UFOs here.”

Quick View: Pine Bush Ny


41°36'32"N 74°17'55"W

Total Land Area

2.1 sq. mi.




387 Ft.

Total Sightings 2008-18


For more than a century, residents of the tiny town of Pine Bush, NY have seen unexplainable things. After thousands of sightings, the quiet hamlet has come to be known as the UFO capital of the world.

"They’re all over the world. It’s not just Pine Bush. If you look up.”

“It doesn’t really matter whether the aliens existed or not. It was something that brought us together.”

"This is not a society that is compassionate towards people who have seen UFOs."

“I don’t normally go out at night and stuff. It’s just a habit that I have because of all the things that go on.”

"Sightings here are at least a hundred years old."

Levi Christiansen
Michael Stone
June 10, 20197:05 PM UTC (UTC +0)