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Angie Asemota
Joe Haddad
April 4, 20194:04 AM UTC (UTC +0)

Falcon Heavy is twice as powerful as the next most powerful rocket.

SpaceX developed the triple-booster Falcon Heavy rocket over the course of seven years to serve larger spacecraft launches and U.S. Air Force missions.

After varying concepts and redesigns, SpaceX successfully test-launched what is now the most powerful rocket in the world on February 6th, 2018.

The Falcon Heavy is capable of delivering 5 million pounds of thrust powered by 27 Merlin engines during first stage flight.

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Successful Launches



70m / 230ft


3.66m / 12ft


3.1 Million Pounds

Payload to LEO

140,700 Pounds

The World's Most Powerful Rocket

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Angie Asemota
Joe Haddad
April 4, 20194:04 AM UTC (UTC +0)