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Uliana Malashenko

Uliana Malashenko is a Moscow-born, New York City-based journalist who specializes in breaking news, politics, space exploration and history. She’s covered the 2016 U.S Presidential election and an early SpaceX rocket launch & landing at Kennedy Space Center. Over the course of her career, Uliana was a correspondent for Kommersant FM, TV Rain, Business FM and served as an independent media consultant for CBS Radio.

Sage Lazzaro

Sage Lazzaro is an NYC based journalist who has reported on space, tech, and science for the New York Observer and Daily Mail. She also covers culture, diversity, politics, and business and has written for VICE, Refinery29, Medium, and more.

Robin Seemangal

Robin Seemangal is a Brooklyn native who has been reporting from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center since 2014, covering SpaceX’s race to build the reusable rocket and NASA missions to the International Space Station and other destinations throughout the solar system. He’s written for the New York Observer, WIRED Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and regularly appears on BBC.

Jonathan O’Callaghan

Jonathan O’ Callaghan is a space and science reporter based in London, UK. His work appears regularly in a number of publications including Forbes, Scientific American, and Wired.

Joey Roulette

Joey Roulette is a freelance reporter and photographer based in Orlando, Florida, covering space and politics. Joey has been a frequent contributor to Reuters since January 2018, covering NASA and the commercial space industry. Outside of writing, he focuses on documentary photography, with work from the 2016 presidential and 2018 midterm elections and numerous SpaceX launches from Kennedy Space Center.


GrandArmy is a New York City based creative studio working across a wide array of disciplines, including branding, graphic, product, and interior design, illustration, photography, and filmmaking. Founded by three ADC Young Guns recipients and life long space enthusiasts, GrandArmy is an award winning, multi-disciplinary creative agency. Since 2008.

Daniel Oberhaus

Daniel Oberhaus is the news editor at Motherboard. His journalism and essays have appeared in The Atlantic, Popular Mechanics, Slate, The Baffler, Nautilus, Vice, The Awl, The Outline, and elsewhere. He is the author of Extraterrestrial Languages (MIT Press, Fall 2019) and contributed to Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networks: Interplanetary and Earth-Bound (CRC Press, 2018).

Chris Gebhardt

Chris Gebhardt is the Assistant Managing Editor with NASASpaceflight and a screenwriter. He has covered the world’s spaceflight events for more than a decade, including construction and utilization of the International Space Station, interplanetary exploration, and how space-based science benefits life on Earth.

Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson is a freelance science journalist based in Orlando, Florida where she has been covering rocket launches at Kennedy Space Center since 2014. She loves writing about commercial spaceflight, planetary science missions, and dinosaurs. You can find her previous work in Popular Science, WIRED, and the New York Observer.

Alex Lin

Alex Lin is a writer, actress, and musician in the greater NYC area. A recent graduate from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, she can often be seen still trying to get into school buildings just to use the bathroom. Alex most recently performed off-broadway in Maverick, a new play about the final days of Orson Welles.


Based in NY and LA, A24 is the Academy Award winning studio behind feature films such as Lady Bird, Moonlight, Eighth Grade, The Disaster Artist, Ex Machina, Amy, Room, The Florida Project, and Hereditary, and TV shows such as HBO's Pod Save America and upcoming Euphoria, Hulu's upcoming Ramy Youssef show, and NBC's The Charmichael Show.